day without a gay gets some press

daywithoutagaySo even a casual search on Google News shows some pretty detailed stories on Day Without a Gay in San Francisco and San Diego, not exactly a surprise considering Prop 8, but the event is also getting play in Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charleston and Miami. Not bad for a couple of L.A. guys who have never planned a mass demonstration before. I’m not blogging tomorrow, but that has more to do with me helping my mom paint her new apartment (what a good gay son, he is!). But it’s all over the place, this Day Without a Gay, which may be a bit of problem, or so warns the gals over at Queerty:

This is the double-edged sword of grassroots activism. When nobody owns an idea, it can mutate and change. Sometimes the mutations lead to better ideas, sometimes to worse. 

I like the volunteer angle, and it is certainly something different from the marching and witty sign making. Economics, especially in this climate, resonates with people. But will Day Without a Gay be overshadowed by some other big company announcing it is laying off thousands of workers? For many workplaces its turning into Forever Without a Gay, unfortunately.


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