don’t piss off the republican gays either!

Apparently Prop 8 booster and LA County Republican Chair Linda Boyd found that out the hard way this past weekend, when a coalition of Ron Paul supporters and GOP gays pissed about Boyd’s support for Prop 8 get her ass ousted from her position.

Boi from Troi provides all the details and includes a hilarious screed from Boyd’s husband, who is none too pleased with the “flotsam and jetsam” who had the audacity to show up and vote his wife out of her position. Boi from Troi isn’t all that sympathetic:

Enjoy the wilderness, Linda Boyd, and take solace that you are not alone in paying the price for supporting discrimination.  The rest of us will enjoy ourschadenfreude


1 Response to “don’t piss off the republican gays either!”

  1. 1 Michael
    December 8, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    You are in a word a disgrace. Republican? Gay? Read a book.

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