rolling stone’s take on prop 8

securedownload-12Here’s Rolling Stone’s take on what happened with the Proposition 8 campaign. It’s a lot more of the same, but some of the original reporting just continues to nail the No on 8 leadership for running an ineffective ground game. Something tells me we’re going to see a lot more of these kinds of stories over the next couple months. It’s dismaying to read but necessary if marriage equality supporters want to win at the ballot box. Yes on 8 consultant Frank Schubert talks about what happened the day of the election for his side, in contrast to what happened with the No on 8 folks…

The Yes on 8 campaign’s get-out-the-vote effort was equally prodigious. The weekend before the vote, Schubert’s religious volunteers once again went door to door, speaking to supporters and directing them to the right precinct locations. “On Election Day,” he says, “we had 100,000 people — five per precinct — checking voter rolls and contacting supporters who hadn’t showed up to vote.”

By contrast, the No on Prop 8 campaign mobilized just 11,000 volunteers on Election Day, which they deployed to polling locations to hold “Vote No on 8” signs. The campaign even turned away volunteers who were unable to attend a sign-holding training seminar. Terry Leftgoff, a veteran campaign consultant who was once the highest-ranking gay officer in the California Democratic Party, was one of those who was informed that his services weren’t needed. “I was told I could come by on November 5th and help clean up a campaign office,” Leftgoff says.


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