prop 8: the musical!

Nothing makes a heartbreaking tragedy easier to deal with than a cheerful scrubdown from a master of American Musical Theater. If Steven Sondheim can turn murderous racial gang wars into West Side Story, Jerry Bock can turn an impending religious pogrom into Fiddler on the Roof, and Marvin Hamlisch can twist the incessant catterwauling of self-indulgent dancers into A Chorus Line, then Tony winner Marc Shaiman can make Proposition 8 into a feel-good musical! Gotta love this star-studded production, which clearly was lovingly if hastily thrown together. 

To see more of Shaiman’s views on homosexuality, his relationship, the Bible and shellfish (yum!) check this out:


1 Response to “prop 8: the musical!”

  1. December 6, 2008 at 8:11 am

    The shrimp / shellfish argument used in the video is full of holes but is appealing to many because so few bother to study the passages. I address five serious problems with it in flaws of the shellfish argument.

    Did you notice how the sodomy depiction in the video involved a woman in back? It was as if they thought using a guy would be too gross. Seems kinda homophobic of them.

    And they don’t have a clue about the 1st Amendment and the “separation of the church and state” thing. There is nothing un-Constitutional about people’s religious beliefs informing their political views.

    Does the video criticize the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church and others that fought against Proposition 8? Of course not!

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