protect doma web site

ed2Blogger Joe.My.God has a link to the Web site ProtectDOMA, which is reaching out to people of color in order to build support for keeping the 1996 Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act on the books. Clearly the new administration has traditional marriage supporters running scared, but also emboldened by the exit poll that showed California’s people of color communities voted for Proposition 8 at higher rates then the general population. Check out this quote:

“The white Christian evangelic movement needs to understand that they can’t win this battle alone,” said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a board member of Viva La Familia, and President of the Sacramento-based National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.  “They simply don’t have the sheer numbers necessary to win.”

I’d suggest marriage equality supporters replace “white Christian evangelic” with “LGBT movement” and think long and hard.


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