town hall part 3

Lorri Jean goes through the seven people on the No on 8 committee–three of the seven were people of color. She said the exec committee grew significantly over the summer if you raised cash. Different groups both gay and straight became members. 

She says in Labor Day consultants were saying we need a smaller more nimble body if decisions are to be made. She says they laid out the plans a long time in advance. Lorri says most of the time people were spending time spending money. She says they were on daily calls getting reports from consultants. She also talks about the mini-executive committee. It all sends very confusing. 

Karen asks why No on 8 didn’t have a presence at the Weho Halloween Carnival, and what it could do with rural communities.

Lorri doesn’t know what was up with the Halloween carnival but resources were focused in other more crucial areas.

Lorri said they had to focus where most of the votes were, and left the rural areas up to the local groups and volunteers. 

Lorri said there were one-on-one conversations with 200,000 voters.

Karen asks who ran the field office? Lori says earlier it was The Task Force but later it was a woman from the Marriage Collaborative and someone else.

Karen asks why national organizations came in to run something in California. Kors says the national groups have been working on this for years in CA, and mentions HRC and Task Force. he says they have been on the ground for years. “They worked together with field staff based in California.” He says there were a lot of significant experience in California.

Steve says tactically it was the right thing to do to have them call all those people throughout the state based on some very careful targeting. Smith says their campaign eclipsed most presidential field campaigns.

Karen brings up emails from volunteers who found a lot of confusion and chaos with the phone banking. Smith says there was a great deal of confusion on both sides in terms of voting Yes and No. Steve says they need to figure out and clean up any organization with the phone banks if they do this again.

karen again asks why they weren’t prepared for the kids thing. Steve says that was one of the more frustrating elements of the case. they had an ad but it didn’t deal with kids in the schools. There were three of four options but they went with one we didn’t have, he said.  I’m surprised Karen didn’t go back to him on this one–why weren’t they prepared for all scenarios?

Steve then goes back to the lesbian wedding teacher story and talks about how it made them look like liars.


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