LA gay & lesbian center town hall

So here we go–Karen Ocamb says she received over 100 questions over the web plus emails and phone calls for the Town Hall.

John Perez and Amy Balliett are both busy and are can’t make the call.

the whole recording will be available starting tomorrow on the LAGLC web site


Karen wants to know what failures there were:

EQCA’s Geoff Kors said the lack of early money was critical because the opposite side dumed so much money in the campaign and they couldn’t catch up.

LAGLC’s Lorri Jean said money slowed in August but it wasn’t because they were doing less work. Jean has questions about the future of the campaigns–she said they ran the campaign by the book. “We did what they said,” she explained of the political analysts brought in. She wants to know if they need to come up with some completely different ways to do things.

Jean says she thinks it was a mistake to not play up Barack Obama’s opposition to Prop 8.

No on 8 senior consultant Steve Smith said they didn’t have enough money early on. “It was our fault, because fankly we let the early field poll numbers stand out there unchallenged.” he says they let people get complacent.

LCNR’s Shannon Minter said his feeling is gratitude we came so close. “I’m amazed we came so close to winning” but says lack of early money and lack of complete engagement really hurt us.” 

SCLC’s Los Angeles CEO Rev. Eric Lee says he is speaking from the perspective of his community–African American and Latino communities. He says we missed an opportunity to counter the YEs on 8 message. He notes grassroots engagement is the way to go. “There needs to be some relationship development between our respective communities” and playing up shared experiences. he also talks about the civil rights issue versus human rights issue.


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