milk as political tool

wk-an665_adv_gu_dv_20081120184758Check out what director Gus Van Sant had to say in the Wall Street Journal today about what role Milk could have played in the Proposition 8 campaign.

The issue of whether or not Milk could have made a difference was discussed with producer Dan Jinks and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black here.

Jinks has been put on the defensive about whether he and Universal worked to set the premiere after the election, but he’s stated that the opening weekend was nailed down long before Prop 8 was even on the ballot. I guess we’ll never know for sure whether they wanted to avoid the elections in general, presidential or otherwise.

Either way, here is a take on what Milk could have done right from the horse’s mouth:


Do you think the movie could have made a difference if it was released before the vote?

I think it would have made a difference. On that level, we kind of blew it by not coming out during the election, and rushing to have it finished in time. But we decided that a better film is better than trying to rush it. It’s a long fight and there are many states involved and the propositions will come and go over our lifetimes.


1 Response to “milk as political tool”

  1. 1 Cam
    November 21, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    Oh Please, this is Hollywood, of COURSE they held the movie back, this is the SAME hollywood that purposely wouldn’t cast any gay actors for major parts in Milk. I’m sure that Harvey Milk is rolling over in his grave. The claim was, they needed a big actor like Sean Penn to get the movie to open. Ok, well I have two questions then…
    1. When has Sean Penn EVER been able to open a movie and
    2. Then why not cast an unknown gay actor in the James Fanco role? If all you wanted was Sean Penn’s name then there was no reason not to, in the spirit of Milk’s legacy, do this.

    Next, just to underline my point about Hollywoods homophobia I have to point out the following.

    After the movie Scream came out and made money we were INNUNDATED with horror movie rip-offs for the next several years. After the movie American Pie came out and made money we were flooded with teenage sex flicks. Yet Brokeback Mountain comes out, makes over $100,000,000 domestically, gets an oscar nomination as best picture and……..oh thats right, not one gay themed movie from a major studio. Case closed.

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