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 I was a member of the HRC “Federal Club” for over 10  years. Which means that I’ve been donating $2,400 a year  for all that time. Which means that I have personally  donated $24,000 to HRC over the past decade. But three  weeks ago, I cancelled my membership in that  organization. I have reached the conclusion that the goals and  strategies of the people who run HRC are not in the best  interests of the gay community. And I am not the only  Federal Club member who has reached this conclusion. I am, however, on the lookout for another LGBT Political  Action Committee to start donating to. One that better  represents our needs and goals. Any advice??

 Anyone? Anyone?


2 Responses to “a reader writes…”

  1. 1 samborelli1
    November 21, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Wow – I am not surprised. I have heard these rumblings for a few years. I think, especially now, people want to see and feel action.

  2. 2 Cam
    November 21, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Well if you are in the area, Equality Maryland is a good group. It is under the same umbrella as Equality Ca. which did some of the No on Prop 8 organizing HOWEVER this group is much more grass roots. They were the group that pushed the gay marriage fight all the way to the MD. Supreme court and just reacently got a Trans Rights bill passed in Montgomery county Md, additionally they have outreach efforts in the African American and Latino communities in Md, something that the “No on 8” folks would have been wise to emulate. They do this on a budget that is less than what HRC spends in salaries.

    They are having a fundraiser tomorrow (sat. Nov. 22nd) at a gay sportsbar in Laurel Maryland called PWs Sportsbar http://www.pwssportsbar.com

    It’s a Drag Bingo event starting at 8pm. All procedes go to EQMD. I realize that a lot of us feel let down by HRC, I was in your shoes a few years ago, this group so far seems to be much more in touch with it’s grass roots base. Oh, and as a disclosure, no I don’t work for them. lol

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