cinemark: lactose intolerance for Milk

images3Cinemark movie chain CEO Alan Stock apparently donated just under ten grand to the Yes on 8 campaign. With one nine-screen location on Market St. not far from The Castro in San Francisco, Cinemark was likely to be a target. But with Milk (arguably the biggest gay-themed feature film to be released since Brokeback Mountain) hitting theaters on Nov. 26, the group No Milk for Cinemark is calling on moviegoers to make sure they see The Agony of St. Harvey at a more marriage friendly theater.


 Their call to action is pretty terrific: “Don’t let Harvey Milk’s legacy finance your oppression!”

I like the links that drive users to ticket buying sites where they can make sure they are going to see the film at non-Cinemark venues. The downloadable flier is a nice touch too.logo1

But some sense of where and when Milk is playing on Cinemark screens will be an important detail to include once that information becomes available. And I’m not sure about the logo: shouldn’t the red slash be through the Cinemark logo, not Milk? Just sayin’…


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