not exactly schoolhouse rock’s I’m just a bill…

This animation showed up on YouTube a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure where it was going until the very end. Watch it here:

The whole struggle that Jan and Tom face seems pretty understandable, especially since they like their gay neighbors, Michael and Dan (Michael is the one with the poofy hair and groovy glasses). The strategy of this is pretty brilliant…

go after people who sure do like there gay and lesbian neighbors, but have reservations about marriage. Look, the gay couple take care of the dog! They help each other out when the other one is sick! They don’t look too strange! Should we really vote for this thing? It seems kinda mean!

The little film then has Tom surfing the web and Jan talking to her sister Nancy for advice before the couple decides they are voting for Proposition 8, since domestic partnership covers their friends Michael and Dan, and they don’t want to take the chance that same-sex marriage will be taught in the schools. 

But the one piece that’s missing from this is any word from Michael and Dan. Tom and Jan apparently never think it might be a good idea to actually ask their friends who took such good care of their dog when they went on vacation what exactly they think about Prop 8. But even worse, we never see Michael and Dan talk to their neighbors about why equal rights under the law is crucially important to them, or why a DP is not the same as a marriage license. Maybe Michael and Dan thought they didn’t need to say anything to Jan and Tom, since they are so friendly and supportive. “We don’t have to worry about Jan,” Dan probably told Michael as they repapered the guest bathroom. “She knows how we feel about this, and plus she’s always so good to us.” Michael likely agreed. “Yeah, and tom will do whatever Jan says.” Another couple votes for Prop 8, they tell themselves.

So who lost Prop 8 in California? Jan and Tom, or Michael and Dan?


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